Can I Say Hello Real Quick?

Hey, hey! I’m Dr. Eve®! The oldest of three raised by a single mother in a low-socioeconomic household, I went on to become a first-generation college graduate of the FIRST HBCU in the South. By the time I was 28, I’d earned a Ph.D.

I’m a higher educator turned trailblazing entrepreneur who has founded two corporations, Evingerlean Worldwide® and Blakney Global Solutions. Evingerlean Worldwide, Inc. is a leading social entity empowering first-generation scholars and professionals across the globe. Blakney Global Solutions, Inc. (BGS) is a supply enterprise for commercial and governmental entities.

I’d like to invite you to be a part of the movement by coming to kick it at The First-Gen Lounge, making history at The First-Gen Shop®, checking our signature programs at First-Generation University®, or partnering with us at Blakney Global.

Check Out the Brands

A first-of-its-kind and award-winning show reaching more than 100 countries.

A first-of-its-kind store created to celebrate first-generation barrier breakers.

A first-of-its-kind learning and development platform for professional growth.

A highly respected supply enterprise for commercial and governmental entities.